Mercedes Benz A-Class A45 AMG Series


Mercedes Benz A-Class A45 AMG Series


Mercedes is renowned across the world for its luxury vehicles. No matter what body style you choose to buy; SUV, sedan or a crossover, you would not be disappointed. Interestingly, Mercedes jumped into making other body style vehicles like crossovers quite late in their career. The move was ushered on due to public demand and market pressure. Jumping into a new vehicle segment can be troublesome and can often result in failure, but the German company using its 100-year expertise was not only successful it wiped the floor with other manufacturers. The 2013 Mercedes AMG A45 hatchback is a prime example of Mercedes’s commitment to excellence. This vehicle was built for small families but was given enough power, helped by AMG, that if you like you would be able to use it for some high-speed fun.


The 2013 Mercedes AMG A45 is special because it is small yet it hosts so much power that it makes other AMG tuned crossovers run for cover. Its sporty exterior really comes alive if you take a look at the opulent interior. It is not a gas guzzling machine, even with its huge engine. Mercedes claims it gets a decent fuel economy out of the hatchback. If you are looking for a true driving experience along with some extra trunk space, this performance hatchback is for you.


Look at it from the front and it looks like a Mercedes sedan, however, the lights are bigger which make the hatchback look a bit bubbly. The design follows right to the back where there are some extra-large taillights as well. Sleek lines run on the sides of the car that give it a confident appearance. In other words, only you will know about the real power this car possesses. Others will underestimate you and that is where they will be making a grave mistake. The front fascia also consists of large air vents that feed the air intake. The trademark Mercedes logo is emblazoned on the hood.


The interior goes in contrast with the exterior. The black finish of the interior is enhanced by the use of red colored stitching. The red accent can be seen on the leather steering wheel and the all-leather cabin. The A/C vents are also given a slight red finish. It is all very subtle and nicely done. Nothing too over the board like you would see in a sports Mercedes. This way you get the best of both worlds, which is most of the time the best option. The infotainment system is state of the art with a slide out screen accompanying the button-filled system. You get navigation along with a CD player to enjoy your favorite tunes on the stereo speakers. A part of the dashboard is covered in carbon fiber theme. The seatbelts are red with the front and rear seats both getting a hint of red leather in them.

Engine & Performance

The engine bay is heavily packed with a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline 4 engine. This engine makes a whopping 355 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. All this power goes to the AWD system, however interestingly more power is diverted to the front wheels rather than to the rear wheels. But if needed 50 percent of the torque can be sent to the rear wheels for quick acceleration. The engine is teamed up with a 7-speed dual clutch 4MATIC transmission that can also be triggered using paddle shifters. After all, when it is really time to shift down, the paddle shifters are the most efficient option. The A45 hatchback rushes from 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds going on to a top speed of 155 mph. Even with all these

performance specs, this AMG-tuned vehicle is capable of maintaining a healthy fuel average. According to Mercedes, the A45 hatchback has a fuel economy of 21 mpg in the city and 31 on the highway.


The 2013 Mercedes AMG A45 is a hybrid of style and performance. You get large 18-inch wheels, a huge engine, performance suspension, an opulent interior and above all comfort. This vehicle gives you the best Mercedes has to offer that is both luxury and performance in one package.